Management of the enterprise decided to accommodate the questionnaire of the client on the last page of the passport of production, as well as on an official site for the purpose of more operative reaction to demands and wishes of clients PJSC «Berdyanskiyezhatki » concerning qualitative and characteristics of production of a factory. Because of this please fill in the form of the questionnaire which you can download here or cut on the last page of the passport product if you are consumer of the products of PJSC “Berdyanskiyezhatki”.You can also leave your wishes and suggestions in the any form if you are a prospectiveclientPJSC « Berdyanskiyezhatki ».You can send your wishes, offers and questionnaires in any way convenient for you:

The post address:
71122, Ukraine, the Zaporozhye region,
Berdyansk, Proletarian Lane, 2А.

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