PJSC « Berdyanskiye zhatki » constantly traces the information on the work of its products. Reviews  of  new products are three times as much more interesting, in fact it is not the conclusions of the test centers, experts and design services which estimate work of  test centers, experts and design services which assesses  work of the technology of the point of  view of its observance of the technological process, the results at fault, perform the regulations on passport data concerning height of a cut, speed of movement, weight, productivity and other not less important parameters for them. Much more important for us is the assessment our clients of work of the technique. Therefore the evaluation of the new harvester ZhNS-7,4  such authoritative clients as DP « Ilyich-Agro  Zaporozhye » and SFG "Dosja", are always pleasant and inspires on the further achievements and development in the field of harvesting.


PJSC « Berdyanskiye zhatki » are glad to present to your attention a new harvester  ZhNV-9,1 with a drive of type Schumacher which is made in three modifications with central, left and right folding window. You can familiarize with characteristics and features of a harvester on this page the Harvester roller hinged ZhNV-9,1

03.05.2012 WE KNOW HOW..!

Designers of  PJSC «Berdyanskiye zhatki» had been solved the problem of building- block approach  hinged harvesters of mark ZhVN-6B and ZhVN-6V "Ferzj" with combines "Niva-effect" and "Yenisei" of the issue after 2003.

The problem of building-block approach is solved by a complete set of the above-stated harvesters an additional option – imitation of the inclined chamber « Inclined case ZhVN-6V-15.000 ».

You can contact us on the issues of purchase and further consultations on the product or in the sales Department  PJSC ” Berdyanskiye zhatki” by phone  380(6153) 5-31-00, 5-00-20.