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A reaping-machine leguminous cross - lineZhBV- 4,2. The reaping-machine leguminous cross – line is intended for mowing and piling of felling of leguminous plants, green peas, kidney beans, sugar beet seeds, laid grain-growing and herbs. The reaping-machine can be used for swaths of the fields in all cultivatedzones of peas, sugar beet seeds and kidney beans.

Reaper provides:

-Optimal power and good quality of laying rolls.

- High productivity work on mowing and assortment.

- Facilitation to the working conditions of machine.

Distinctive features:

- anew design of eccentric reel excludes winding the crop on the tines;
- installed on the transfer of countershaft protects the mechanisms of attachment from damage.

Technical characteristics:
Name Value  Measure.
Width 4.2 m
Working velocity to 10 km/h
Transport velocity to 20 km/h
Perfomance 3,88 ha/h
Cutting height of 50...250 mm
Width of platform 1020 mm
Width of hinged window 1400 mm
The count of double strokes of a knife 570 db.s/min
Frequency of rotation of the reel 22...52 rpm.
Weight 1100 kg
Drive type Crank-and-rod drive (CRD)


Reel – is a six-bladed, double-eccentric, anti-winding with metal clips, which provide the durability of the engine for the blades.
Reel drive – is a chain, with the use of protective clutch, what ensures the durability of the node on leguminous reap.
Gearbox - is a cone, small-sized, in contrast to the cross-belt transmissions, which increase the number of lubrication points and complicate maintenance of kinematic transmission, ensures reliable operation of the working parts of the Reaper.

Drive a knife –is a coupler group located at the rear of the attachment. This development has reduced the edge of consciousness between the knife and belt, which excludes clogging of the cutting machine cut weight.
Cutter – is anondigital mechanism with two movable knives for the perfect shear of plants.

Platform –is a metal construction made of high-quality shape, its width can accommodate five tapes of the carrier in the same direction which excludes the loss of water for the harvester for harvesting high crops.
The wind-shield – is a metal made of high-quality shape which allows toincrease the rigidity of a design of the Reaper.
Hydraulic system - are the sleeves of a high pressure, the use of which allows to increase the reliability and service life of hydraulic system and also allows to simplify the maintenance of highways.

It is operated in assembly unit with KPS5G, E302-304, D101A cutters-crushers, mounted on the tool carrier.
The product is certified by the Russian Federation