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WID - 5 - reaper roller rice intended for cutting rice from the instrument to the rolls of rice and grain crops, forage grasses and their testes. The machine can be used to swath and mow round the fields.

Reaper mowing works on any rice yield, degree were killed as a corral and shuttle method checks in any soil moisture, not showering with roll formed clumps of soil. Perhaps the header in areas where harvesting of cereal crops and other existing technical means hindered by high humidity and cross grain mass unit can be used.

Harvester is equipped with the cutter bar with a movable knife.

Maize is the reaping of parts and equipment for attaching it to the power machine tracked HEV 100 or harvester Yenisei-1200r. Reaping of the unit consists of a framework, which is a welded structure, including the platform, wind shield and side panels, back-to-conveyor-line with the central window for swathing, cutting system, mounted on a platform frame, reel mounted on a traverse to the support attached to the hinge the top of the wind shield frame, reel drive mechanism, hinged on the right side wall of the frame, hydraulic components and transmission of the header.

Technical characteristics
Name Value Unit. meas.
Width of cutting 5 m
Operating speed 8 km / h
Travel speed 13 km / h
Performance 3 ha / h
Cutting height 70 ... 200 mm
Platform width 1125 mm
Throwing out window width 1261 mm
Number of strokes knife 520 dv.h / min
Reel’s  rotation  speed 19.5 ... 60 t.p.m.
Weight 1400 kg
Drive type crank drive (KSHP)


Reel - sixblading, twoekstsetrik, untywinding  metal rollers which ensure durability of the blade pitch mechanism.

Reel drive - chain, using a safety clutch, which ensures durability of the unit in the rice and bean harvesters, as well as eliminates slippage in wet conditions.

The mechanism of removal of the reel - hydraulic, consisting of cylinder and support. Layout of the reel to reel solid support beam eliminates break attachment or slippage of the reel to its highest point.

Drive a knife - KSHP one rod for continued work cutter moisture checks.

Platform - metal construction, made from high-quality profile, the width of which can accommodate six conveyor belts in the same direction to avoid a loss for the header ear when cleaning tall crops.

Conveyor belt - four-layer, designed specifically for use in wet environments, eliminating tension and weld equipped with rubber straps.

Wind shield - metal, made of high-quality profile, which increases the rigidity of the reaper.

Hydraulic system - high-pressure hoses, which allow to increase the reliability and service life of hydraulic and simplify service lines.

Working in the unit:

HEV power vehicle with caterpillar-100 - reaper WID-5, as well as combines Yenisei-1200r - reaper ZHVK-5

The product is certified in the Russian Federation