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Reaper roller trailer ZHVP-9, 1 is designed for mowing of cereal and cereal crops with laying the crop in single counter-flow cylinder in all areas where applied separate method of harvesting.

Maize provides:

- Laying the roll of good quality and optimum power;

- High productivity for mowing and selection;

- Facilitation of machine worker

Application Header Trailer ZHVP - 9.1 allows you to:

- Reduce the cost of harvesting;

- Free some harvesters working with windrowers;

- To optimize a vehicle fleet.

Technical characteristics
Name Value Unit. rev.
Width of cutting 9.1 m
Working speed of 9 km / h
Travel speed 20 km / h
Performance 8 hectares / h
Cutting of the height of 80 ... 250 mm
Platform width 850 mm
Throwing  window width of 1010 mm
Number of strokes knife 497 dv.h / min
Reel ‘s  rotation  speed 37 ... 43 rpm.
Weight 2200 kg
Type of drive mechanism rocking plate (MKSh)



Reel - a five-blade, truss, slat.

Reel drive - belt that does not require installing additional unit - safety clutch, the application of this drive due to the use of the header on the fields with stunted crops.

Reducer - tapered to ensure reliable operation of the working header as opposed to the previously used cross-belt drives.

Shock Absorber - a spring which eliminates the relief of the field  that provides contour following fields cutting machine.

Compensator - a spring which permits avoiding the dropping  behind the right wheel and his header in injury.

Platform - metal construction, made from high-quality profile, the width of which can accommodate four of the conveyor belt in the same direction to avoid a loss for the header ear when cleaning tall grain.

Clamp the blade - adjustable, allowing easy and accurate withstand the gap between the segment and the counter plate required for a quality slice cultures.

Chassis - four wheels to ensure the reduction of load on the hub and exchange rate stability header.

Hydraulic system - high pressure hose, the use of which will extend the life and reliability of hydraulics, and simplify maintenance of highways.

Works in the unit with wheel tractors of 1.4 and 2.0 ton (UMZ-6, MT-80, MT-82, etc.)

The product is certified in the Russian Federation