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ZhVP-6,4 this machine is produced for mowing grains and groat medium and low yield in the steppe zone for optimal functioning capacity in the class of high performance ‘John, ‘John Deere’ and others.

Reaper provides :

-Optimal power and good quality of laying rolls.

- High productivity work on mowing and assortment.

- Facilitation to the working conditions of machine.

Trailing reapers ZhVP -6.4 allows to:

- to reduce expenses on the separate harvesting;

- to release part of combines from work with rolling reaping-machines;

- it is more optimal to load a transport fleet.

Technical characteristics
Name Value measure
Capturing width 6,4 m
Working velocity to 9 km/h
Transporting velocity 20 km/h
Performance 4,5 ha/h
Height(depth) of cut 80…250 mm
Width of platfoms 1050 mm
Width of throwing windows 1264 mm
Quantity of double strokes of blades 497 ds/h
Density of reels rotation 38…49 rpm
Weight 2000 kg
Type of gear Mechanism of swinging shims (MSS)


Reel – is a five-bladed, two eccentric, anti-coiling with metal rollers that ensure durability of the blade pitch mechanism.

Gearing of reels – is a chain with usage of safety clutch which ensures continuous operation of unit in the middle and high grain yield.

Reduction gear – is conical, ensures reliable performance work with working parts of reapers unlike the previously used cross-belt gears.

Shock absorber –is astringed mechanism, providing the perfect contour following fields cutterbar.

Compensator –is astringed mechanism which effectively eliminates the lag right wheel reapers field and his injury.

Platform is a metal construction made by high quality profiles, which width allows to place five conveyor belts in one direction and also excludes casualties of wheats while machine is harvesting tall corps.

Press of blades – is controllable, allows easy and high precision withstand the gap between the segment and the counter plate, required only for high quality cut of wheats.

Hydraulic system –is a high pressure hose, its usage allows to increase the reliability and service life of hydraulic system and also allows to simplify the maintenance of highways.

 It is operated in assembly unit with wheeled combines of 1,4 and 2,0 vehicle

(UМZ-6, MTZ-50, МТZ-80, МТZ-82 …)

This product is certified by Russian Federation