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A rolling towed reaping-machine ZhVP- 4,9 is intended for mowing of grain-growing cereals and groats cultures with piling of the mowed mass in a single cross-line  roller in all zones where the separate method of harvesting is used.

Reaper provides:

-Optimal power and good quality of laying rolls.

- High productivity work on mowing and assortment.

- Facilitation to the working conditions of machine.

Utilization of the towed reaping-machine ZhVP - 4,9 allows:

- to reduce expenses on the separate harvesting;

- to release part of combines from work with rolling reaping-machines;

- it is more optimal to load a transport fleet.

Distinctive features:

- a digit cutting vehicle is set on the reaping-machine;

- the reliable drive of cutting vehicle provides high-rate of cutting;

- the location of bearing is changed; telescopic towbar is used to facilitate the transfer of reaping-machine to the transport position and back;

- the transmission shaft design is changed to improve repair capability.

Technical characteristics:
Name Value Measure
Grasp width 4.9 m
Working velocity to 10 km/h
Transport velocity to 20 km/h
Perfomance 2,8 ha/h
Cutting height of 60...250 mm
Width of platform 1130 mm
Width of hinged window 1050 mm
Quantity of double strokes of a knife 570 db.s/min
Density of  reel  rotations 37...61 rpm.
Weight 1545 kg
Drive type Crank-and-rod drive (CRD)


Reel – is a five-bladed, double-eccentric, anti-winding with metal clips which provide the durability of the engine for the blades.
Reel drive –is a belt which does not require the installation of additional node - safety clutch.
Shock absorber – is a spring-loaded mechanism which provides a perfect copy of the field with cutter.
A compensator- is a spring-loaded mechanism which allows to eliminate the backlog of the right field wheel of the reaper and its injuries.
Pressure of the knife – is a regulated mechanism which allowsto withstand the gap between the segment and Ledger platesimply and with high accuracy; it is necessary for high-quality cutting of cultures.

Hydraulic system –is a high pressure hose, its usage allows to increase the reliability and service life of hydraulic system and also allows to simplify the maintenance of highways.

It is operated in assembly unitwith wheeledcombines of drawbar category 1.4 and 2.0toneforce (UMZ-6, MTZ-50, MTZ-80, MTZ-82 etc.)

The product is certified by the Russian Federation