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ZhVN-6V «Ferzj» with transforming voltage module – is the hinged roller reaper which is designed for mowing and placing the stems of grain crops in the rolls on the separated method of harvesting. It can be used for swathing as well. It is hanged up over combines «Niva», «Yenisey», «Yenisei-1200», «Sibiryak». The presence of expanding platform in the direction of folding window and nonstrut-framed reel with the tine of high durability guarantees high reliability of technological process and the quality of roll formation.

The hinged roller reaper ZhVN -6V-01, ZhVN-6V-04

The reaper is a modification of the serial reaperZhVN – 6V and fully prepared for building-block approach with self-propelled chassis mower - crusher KPS - 5G, E-302, 303. Only the linkage system and drive of working parts differ it from the basic model.

Reaper provides:

- windrowing of good quality and optimum capacity;
- high productivity of the cutting and the selection;
- facilitation of the conditions of work mechanization experts

Technical characteristics:
Name Value Measure
Grasp width 6 m
The working speed of up to 12 km/h
Transport speed of 18 km/h
Productivity 4,8 ha/h
Cutting height of 70...200 mm
Width of platform 1070 -1250 mm
Width of hinged window 1010-1250 mm
The count of double strokes of a knife 453,6 db.s/min
Frequency of rotation of the reel 24...64 rpm
Weight 1065 kg
Type of drive voltage transforming module of Schumacher type


Reel – is a five-bladed, eccentric, anti-winding with metal clips, which provide the durability of the engine for the blades.
Reel drive - is a chain with the use of protective clutch that provides continuous work of the node at medium and high grain yield. It is increased the service life of speed variator because of application of the new shaft design and anti-friction bearings.
Gearbox –is a cone, small-sized, in contrast to the cross-belt transmissions which increase the number of lubrication points and complicate maintenance of kinematic transmission; it ensures reliable operation of the working parts of the reaper.

Platform –is a metal construction made of high-quality shape, its width can accommodate six tapes of the carrier that excludes the loss of water for the harvester for harvesting high crops. It isimproved maintainability of the shaft of the conveyor for the account of the coupling of the gearbox through a chain coupling.
The wind-shield – is a metal made of high-quality shape which allows to increase the rigidity of a design of the Reaper.

Beam of knife –is a profile solid-drawn tube 60х40х4 andsolid-drawn angle bar 50*50*5 that ensure the linearity of the front beam in a horizontal and vertical sphere.

Pressure of the knife – is a regulated mechanism which allowsto withstand the gap between the segment and Ledger platesimply and with high accuracy; it is necessary for high-quality cutting of cultures.

Hydraulic system - are the sleeves of a high pressure, its usage allows to increase the reliability and service life of hydraulic system and also allows to simplify the maintenance of highways.

It is operated in assembly unitwith combines “Niva”, “Enisej-1200”(produced after 2003), “Sibiryak”.

ZhVN-6V-01, ZhVN-6V-04 -  of ZhVN-6V «Ferzj»  modification is fully prepared to work with self-propelled chassis mower-crushers KPS-5G, E-301, E 302, E 303, E-304.
Reapersare operated in assembly unit with combines «Niva-Effect», «Yenisei-1200», «Yenisei-950/954», produced after 2003 with the assistance of the inclined housing ZhVN-6V-15.000

The product is certified by the Russian Federation