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Reap-roll hanger machine ZhVN -6B

Reap-roll hanger machine ZhVN-6B is made for mowing and stack in stalks of grain and groat materials in the case of separate method of harvesting. It may be used for swathing. It is hanged over combines “Niva”, “Yenisei”, “Yenisei-1200”, “Sibirak”. Availability of expanding to side of platforms throwing windows, reels strength increased with rakes, guarantees high quality performance of technological process and quality of reels formation.

Reap-roll hanger machine ZhVN -6B-01, ZhVN-6B-04

This production is modificated version of ZhVN-6B and it is totally made for unitization of self-propelled mower chassi-crushers KPS-5g --- 5B, E-301, E-302, E-303, E-304.  It is separated from other products by basic model and the system of working gearing technology.

Reaper provides:

-Optimal power and good quality of laying rolls.

- High productivity work on mowing and assortment.

- Facilitation to the working conditions of machine.

Technical characteristics
Name Value measure
Capturing width 6 m
Working velocity to 12 km/h
Transporting velocity to 18 km/h
Performance 4,8 ha/h
Height(depth) of cut 70…200 mm
Width of platfoms 1070…1250 mm
Width of throwing windows 1010…1250 mm
Quantity of double strokes of the knife 504 ds/h
Density of reels rotation 24…64 rpm
Weight 969 kg
Type of gear crank-conrod gear (CCG)

Works with combines in the unit“Niva”, “Yenisei”, (produced until 01.01.2003), “Sibiryak”.

ZhVN -6B(01), ZhVN-6B(04) – modification ZHVN- 6B is  totally made for unitization of self-propelled mower chassis. Conditioners- KPS 5G, KPS 5B, E-301, E-302, E-303, E-304

Works with combines in the unit “Yenisei-1200”, “Yenisei-950/954”, produced after 2003 with usage of inclined corps ZhVN-6V-15.000

This product is certified by Russian Federation