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Reap-roll hanger machine ZhNV -9,1

Reap-roll hanger machine ZhNV -9,1 is produced for mowing grains and groat materials by laying them into the roller engine corp in all areas where needed separated  methods of harvesting. This product is produced with central, left and right throwing windows.

Reaper provides:

-Optimal power and good quality of laying rolls.

- High productivity work on mowing and assortment.

- Facilitation to the working conditions of machine.

Technical characteristics
Name Value measure
Capturing width 9,1 m
Working velocity to 12 km/h
Transporting velocity to 20 km/h
Performance to 9 ha/h
Height(depth) of cut 70…200 mm
Width of platfoms 1140 mm
Width of throwing windows 1295 mm
Quantity of double strokes of blades 505 ds/h
Density of reels rotation 17…50 rpm
Weight 2297, 2272, 2240 kg
Type of gear MPN (type of Schumacher)


Reel –is a five-bladed , trussed , slatted

Gearing of reels – by conveyor belt, not with additional assembly – includes safety clutch

Only for usage on stunted grains

Gearing of blades -MPN the type of Schumacher with vertical located reels exclude usage for cross belted gears and for result increases resource of gearing belt's work.

Platform – is a metal construction, made by high quality profiles, which width allows to place five conveyor belts in one direction and also excludes casualties of wheats while machine is harvesting tall corps.

Blade bar –is a seamless profile pipe 80x40x4 and the seamless corner 50*55*5, provides straightness in the front bar on horizontal and vertical planes.

Press of blades-сontrollable, allows easy and high precision withstand the gap between the segment and the counter plate, required only for high quality cut of wheats.

Hydraulic system –is a high pressure hose, its usage allows toincrease the reliability and service life of hydraulic system and also allows to simplify the maintenance of highways.

Inclined Corps — frame assembly includes two blocks of eight springs, which provides copying relief parts of device on longitudinal and transverse planes.

Transfer device — is an extendable pole and the wheels axis to move the header on public roads

It is operated in assembly unitwithcombines“Niva”, “Yenisei”,” Sibiryak”.