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Sunflower harvesting ZHNS-6, -7.4, 9.1

Maize intended for sunflower harvesting row crops and solid in all areas of its cultivation.

Technical characteristics
Name Value U measure.
Width 6, 7.4, 9.1   m
Operating speed to 10 km / h
Travel speed 20 km/h
Performance by combine harvester ha / h
Height of cutting 250... 800 mm
Step-axis caulescentrisers 228.6 mm
Number of strokes knife 600 dv.h / min
Weight 2000, 2470, 3070 kg
Type of drive MPN by type Schumacher

Equipment: Reel - three-lobed, toothed, reinforced.

Drive a knife - MPN-type Schumacher with vertical pulley eliminates the use of cross-belt drives and, consequently, increases the service life of the belt.

Platform - metal construction, using rigidity of seamless pipes 40h40h4 that combined with increased diagonal sides pipes 40h40h4 60h30h4 and provides a monolithic frame structure header.

Bruce knife - 80h40h4 profile drawn pipe and seamless corner 50 * 50 * 6 to ensure straightness front beam in the horizontal and vertical planes.

Lifters - trough enhanced design of closed type with rigid mounting to the cutting machine, which prevents loss of seeds because of  lifters ‘ vibration.

Protective shields - canvas sieve that excludes throwing of Sunflower in the wind shield.

Video works ZHNS header on the test bench and in the field