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Sorgouharvesting Machine CM-2, 6A

Sorgouharvesting machine CM-2,6A is designed for cleaning brushes and other Stem sorghum panicles of tall crops.

The unique technology is used on this machine permitting the cut at the height of the panicles of 900 to 3200 mm. What contributes to effectively remove sorghum from a height of 5 meters or even more. The adjustment of cutting height  is made from the tractor cab.

 In the design of the stamp-cutter fingers are laid. Double teeth are made of steel 65G, tselnokalennye hardness HRC 48 ... 57, have 8 cutting edges. Constantly involved in operation only 4 cutting edges, so to extend their operation adjacent fingers are reversed. In the other work includes 4 cutting edges. Additionally other Regrinding blunt cutting edges are involved in job.

Technical characteristics
Name Value Unit. meas.
Width of cutting 2.6 m
Operating speed up to 12 km / h
Travel speed 18 km / h
Performance 2.2 ha / h
Height of cutting 900 ... 3200 mm
Platform width 1130 mm
Weight 1750 kg
Drive type crank drive (KSHP)

Working in the unit: with 1.4 ton wheel tractors: MTZ-80/82, MTZ-50/52, YUMZ-6L/6M, T-40/40A.