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PRBZH - for Rapeseed Harvesting

For Rapeseed Harvesting Device consists of a frame and the left side wall, in which there MKSh, horizontal and vertical movable and fixed knives. The right side panel is made with a removable mobile blades and fixed vertical blades. Adapters are mounted on the side, simulating circuit sidewall header, and quick thrust, tightening reaper harvester device. As the applied  thrust rods with ball joints.

 Hinged reaper device PRBZH reduces losses during harvesting canola to 30% compared to traditional cleaning with once-through combine harvesters.

Working in the unit: with domestic and import  harvesters.

Technical characteristics
Name Value Unit. meas.
Width 4…9.1 m
Operating speed till 10 km / h
Performance at the combine ha / h
Cutting height at the combine mm
Platform width 700 mm
Number of double strokes knife. 497 min
Weight 400 ... 700 kg
Type of drive mechanism rocking plate (MKSh)