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PAO Berdyansk reapers –the assigneeof Pervomaisky factory farm machinery - the only manufacturer of roller reap ers throughout the former Soviet Union, so buying products PAO Berdyansk reapers - you get a reliable, stable operation and high quality of harvesting, tested by many generations of agricultural workers.

Factory production can always keep working to improve product quality, keeping it at a consistently high level.

Unique plant equipment allows to produce components of a reaper with high accuracy and reliability of all parts and components, which in turn reduces maintenance costs to a minimum.

Reapers of production PAO Berdyansk reapers are constanly tested on all parameters in different operating modes, providing a margin of safety, allowing one unit to harvest techniques in the optimal range for an area of over 500 hectares in the season, with an average load of grain harvesters in 316 hectares.

PAO Berdyansk reapers provides guarantee all their products. You can be sure that at the right time, our technique will not fail and will collect the maximum yield of high quality in the shortest time.

In recent time the cases of counterfeit products PAO Berdyansk reapers become more frequent, so before purchasing a reader, ask whether the seller has the original certificate of authenticity of origin with a "wet seal." Just getting certified products you get this product PAT Berdyansk reapers - providing a reliable, high performance and guaranteed quality, time-tested.

Attention! If you are offered the technics by prices "lower than the factory," please call 380 (6153) 5-31-00.

All products are certified by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.