JSC «Berdyansk reapers» –

«Berdyansk reapers», the Ukrainian manufacturer of an agricultural machinery for harvesting grain and leguminous crops, namely, harvesters roll family mounted and trailed.

History of the plant is closely linked to the history of merchants. In those days, all the foreign consuls did business, owned enterprises and trading firms. The name of the British Vice-Consul John Grievza was closely associated with the plant of agricultural equipment. In 1876, Attorney English company «Clayton» owning warehouses agricultural machinery and implements, John Grievz pays off her workshops, which formed the basis of the future plant. Soon after, John Grievza’s plant was the largest for the production of agricultural machinery, not only in Berdyansk and southern Russia, but also in the whole Russia. Works of John Grievza produced plows, seeders, mowers, reapers, lobogreyki.

After nationalization, and rename to the First factory of agricultural machines, has not changed its focus and became the only plant manufacturer reapers for harvesting of the USSR.

The changes in the last turn of the 80-90's, set new production and economic opportunities for all businesses, especially severe consequences were for the manufacturers, «Pervomaysky agricultural machinery plant» was not an exception.

Leaders of the former once GIANT perfectly understood that the time of monopoly in the market irretrievably gone, today's conditions determine the viability of the enterprise competitiveness. That is why we restructured, which resulted in the new formed, with the current challenges of the market, the plant Berdyansk reapers.

Since 2000 to the present JSC «Berdyansk reapers» gradually restored position «Pervomaisky» in the markets of agricultural machinery.

JSC «Berdyansk reapers» today produces nine basic models of grain harvesters, pick a platform, a device for harvesting of sunflower and their modifications, which combine a high level of technology, quality and reliability, time-tested.